Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Top 10 Most Watched Web Series

Each month, Visible Measures compiles a list of the top ten most popular web video series,  and provides analysis.

 Visible Measures tracks views, comments and other data on web video, and has just made available a free public beta of a tool to benchmark online video ad campaign and content performance.

The Visible Measures Top 10 Webisodes Chart focuses on digital studio-driven Web series that appear on Internet  video-sharing destinations.  Each Web series is measured on a True Reach basis, which includes viewership of both studio-syndicated video clips and viewer-driven social video placements. The data are compiled using the Visible Measures Viral Reach Database, a constantly growing repository of analytic data on more than 100 million Internet videos across more than 150 video-sharing destinations.

Note: This chart does not include vloggers, interviews, how-to series, news shows, or product review shows. View-count results are incremental by month.
To notify Visible Measures of an upcoming Web series, or for an end-to-end assessment of your campaign’s overall performance, please contact  directly.

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